3D tiles from “up”, Urban Product

‘UP’ is a creative force in the Industrial, Furniture, Product & Interior Design disciplines. They strive to use locally sourced materials, environmentally responsible finishes and methodologies, whilst providing a standard of quality rarely seen in today’s market. Founded only in 2009, the studio is setting new standards for the items we

Tiles from Etruria Design

ETRURIA design began with a dream. The dream of giving new form and new life to the romance and creativity of the early 1900s that were the genesis of design as we know it today. A dream that begins where everything was finished, bringing an icon of interior design of

Tiles, Marrakech design, Sweden

Marrakech Design is a Swedish company specialized in encaustic cement tiles. The tiles are made by hand according to a production process developed in southern France towards the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, the world’s major production centers for cement tiles are Morocco and Vietnam. Marrakech Design was founded in

Flooring and tiles by 14 Ora Italiana

14 ora italiana

14 ora italiana was created to give different answers for those looking for alternative aesthetic solutions to traditional tiles. Products stand out for their strong originality and represent an interesting way to interpret contemporary signs. The eclectic spirit lighting up the brand shows off the flair not only to prefer

Flooring in 3D, Egue & Seta

Egue y Seta

Tiles with 3D effect on kitchen floor. Could you live in a house with a floor like this? These pictures are just a few from the apartment presented. In the home of Santa Caterina unequivocally reflected this contemporary trend that has blurred, among others, the border between public and private