Off the Wall, Swedish Kredema

Off the Wall is a 3-dimensional wallpaper. The concept consists of two elements - wallpaper and 3-dimensional shapes of acrylic sheets forming shelves and lamp shades. The 3-dimensional shape is maintained over the wallpaper and set against the wall with the same wallpaper. The result is that the wallpaper seems to

Illustrations on walls,

Your Wallpaper has ever since it started in 2004 manufactured wallpaper in accordance with the needs of our clients and always with a focus on design. The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely

Tiles from Etruria Design

ETRURIA design began with a dream. The dream of giving new form and new life to the romance and creativity of the early 1900s that were the genesis of design as we know it today. A dream that begins where everything was finished, bringing an icon of interior design of

Trending wallpaper from Storeys


Rustic nature We love the harmonious and nature inspired design here in Scandinavis. The inspiration from nature provides both coziness and harmony. Combinations with a neutral palette of warm white and warm greige, as well as touches of light wood, green and black creates harmony. The mixture of materials, surfaces, styles

Wallpaper from Decor Maison

Decor Maison wallpaper

It started with a love affair, which evolved on the friendship ties between France and Sweden. Although Decor Maison now calls Sweden home, it is the dual heritage that creates the brand’s timeless splendor and fuels its passion for interior decoration. Celebrating the joy of living – joie de vivre