Photographer Bill Kingston

Bill is a food, lifestyle and interiors photographer based in London. He is equally at home in the studio, or shooting on location in England and further afield. He has recently enjoyed trips to places as diverse as Cannes, Glasgow, Stockholm and Brixton. His work has been published from Moscow

Architect Craigh Steely

Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely is principal of Craig Steely Architecture. His work explores the boundaries of integration as well as emancipation from nature. They embrace the realities of the environment and our connection/separation to it over the subjugation of it, all the while focusing on developing a singular architecture rooted in its

Architect, Studio Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres is a perfectionist. It says so on his arm, not in so many words, but via the daft punk quote that graces both his skin and the walls of his studio. This unofficial motto describes a work etchi and commitment to quality that is eadily apparent in his